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Sarina is a fusion dancer known for her quirky musical choices and her vaudeville style infused in her costuming and dance. Whether she is dancing as an Orion slave dancer at Trek Theatre production, a steampunk performance at Victorian tea party, theatrically bringing comedy to a 1920’s jazz piece, or dancing to her newest favorite soundtrack at a No Shame Eugene, she has a lot of fun with the art form!

Sarina has been belly dancing for over 25 years, taking her first dance class with her mother in a little community center while she was a teenager. From that time, she moved on to study in Portland at Caravan Studios and Euphoria Studios. She primarily focused on ATS/tribal (which once stood for American Tribal Style and she would like to rename American Transcontinental Style since belly dancers are moving away from the term "tribal"). She studied fusion and "tribaret' with Severina and Znama Studio, as well as Romany, folk dance, and cabaret styles with private instructors. While living in Japan, Sarina studied Egyptian and Turkish style belly dance, break dance and salsa, and taught fusion belly dance. Because she has also studied flamenco, tango, swing, jazz, lindy hop, the Charleston, bhangra, vaudeville, Hawaian hula, various European folk dances, and other styles, these also are infused in her dance. Sarina often draws on moves from other dance styles to meld with belly dance, depending on what feels appropriate with the style of music. Her costuming is often inspired by a theme started by her musical choice. She makes and sells many of her costumes, hair fascinators, and hair extensions locally.

Currently Sarina teaches Beginning Fusion and Intermediate Fusion at Willamalane in Springfield and private classes in the Belly Dance Eugene and Springfield studio.

Recent Blog Posts

Guidelines for Belly Dance Coin Bras and Bustiers and the Differences in Styles

on Mon, 26 Dec, 2022

Back when the MEDGE (the Middle Eastern Dance Guild of Eugene) was still around, one of their guidelines for performers was that they couldn’t wear a “bra” on stage. If a dancer created a coin bra or bustier as part of their costume, it had to be embellished enough that it no longer would be considered an undergarment. It is a good guideline to go by.

I also recognize that for someone new to belly dancing they might not realize what that actually means—which is why I have some examples made by students and myself below.

Another guideline that I can fully appreciate is that the bra should provide enough coverage for modesty and does not fall off. Years ago one of my teachers told us that the way to ensure there are no embarrassing accidents (and to give us a little more cleavage) is to wear a bra that creates a nice shape under our coin bra. I tell all my students to do this to ensure we don’t accidentally pop out of our coin bras. MEDGE used to ban a dancer for a year if she exposed herself during a family friendly show. As if the humiliation of popping out of a costume wasn’t embarrassing enough!

I was careful not to let this happen to me.


Here are some guidelines and suggestions for making a pretty and professional bra in an ATS or fusion style:

Traditional World Music for Beginning Belly Dancers

on Mon, 12 Dec, 2022

Some of the music I play is so old, it isn't available on CD anymore. And when it is, it is a "vintage" CD from over twenty years ago, so it is more expensive.


In the past I have gotten music from the library system. I often looked for world music. Some of my favorite finds were Balkan and Eastern European music more than the selection of Middle Eastern music. Even though it is not considered culturally sensitive, many of the CD titles and bands will have the world "gypsy," whether it is Amazon or another music store.


Belong are songs, CDs, and artists you might recognize from class. Even if you don't shop on Amazon, you can get the information about the CDs so you can shop for them elsewhere.

A List of ATS/Fusion Moves in Each Class from Belly Dance Eugene Studio

on Mon, 28 Nov, 2022

Every session is slightly different and our focus is different. We cannot get to every single move in a 6 week session. Some of these moves are not going to make sense if you haven't done them yet.

I bet I am missing some moves. Feel free to let me know which ones I have forgotten.

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