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Sarina is a tribal fusion dancer known for her quirky musical choices and her vaudeville style infused in her costuming and dance. Whether she is dancing as an Orion slave dancer at Trek Theatre production, a steampunk performance at Fusion Friendly Events, a 1920’s jazz piece, or to her newest favorite soundtrack at a No Shame Eugene, she has a lot of fun with the art form.

Sarina has been belly dancing for about 20 years, taking her first dance class with her mother in a little community center while she was a teenager. From that time she moved on to study tribal in Portland at Gypsy Caravan and Euphoria, and tribal fusion with Severina and Znama Studio, as well as with private instructors. While living in Japan, she studied Turkish style belly dance, break dance and salsa, and taught tribal fusion belly dance. Because she has also studied flamenco, tango and Hawaian hula, these also are infused in her dance. Sarina often draws on moves from other dance styles to meld with belly dance, depending on what feels appropriate with the style of music. Her costuming is often inspired by a theme started by her musical choice, and she makes and sells many of her costumes locally.

Currently Sarina teaches Beginning Tribal Fusion and Intermediate Tribal Fusion at Willamalane in Springfield and Bellylicious Workout on Wednesdays at multiple locations and private lessons in her dance studio.

Recent Blog Posts

A List of ATS/Fusion Moves in Each Class from Belly Dance Eugene Studio

on Mon, 28 Nov, 2022

Every session is slightly different and our focus is different. We cannot get to every single move in a 6 week session. Some of these moves are not going to make sense if you haven't done them yet.

I bet I am missing some moves. Feel free to let me know which ones I have forgotten.

How does ATS and fusion belly dance troupes look the same all while looking different?

on Sun, 20 Nov, 2022

In the 26 years I have been dancing, I have studied many styles and performed with troupes in different styles. When you are performing with a troupe, your costume is like a uniform. It shows you are professional and are dancing a certain style with others in the group. But each style has subdivisions within that style. I will go over three basics here: cabaret, ATS (American transcultural style--what used to be called tribal), and fusion.

Examples of ATS and Fusion Belly Dance Coin Bras and Bustiers

on Thu, 27 Oct, 2022

I love costuming. It is one of my favorite parts of belly dance. But for someone just getting started making their first coin bra, they might have no idea where to start. I wanted to create this post to show examples that I have made and my students have made to help inspire ideas, show a range from simple to complex, and give examples that look professional. I am specifically showing off pieces that look fusion and ATS (which I will call American transcontinental style) because ATS and fusion are the styles I am teaching in my classes. If you want to see a full range of styles that include cabaret, that is a separate post with suggestions of what to include in the creation of a coin bra or bustier.

Although I might be calling these pieces “coin” bras in this post, not all of them have coins. They might use metal in other ways. And even though I like websites like the Red Camel website (see the posts on sources to purchase items for belly dance) where belly dancers can find pieces to embellish their ATS costumes, some of my bras use upcycled projects like broken necklaces and thrift store items. You don’t have to break the bank purchasing pieces to add—but you can if you want to. 

As you peruse these artistic masterpieces, look for the embellishments that give these a fusion or ATS style: silver, dull or tarnished metal, chains, coins, metal bobbles, tassels, embroidered folk fabric, shisha mirrors, sea shells, folkloric beadwork, or other things I might have forgotten.

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